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The book I'm most grateful for

This is a post for entering a giveaway which organizes Beth Revis

And which book I chose?
I dind't coose one book, but whole serie of books. Harry Potter. I know, I'm not the first and I won't be last. But let me tell you my reasons why am I so gratuful for these books.
The first reason (and most personal) is, that Jo brought magic into my life. So much magic for so many years and I tend to come back to Harry everytime I feel I need to laugh, cry, or just be with someone I know, who does't talk back, argue with me or when I just want to read it, because I don't want to forget any single line of it.

Thanks to Harry I met some amazing people I would probably never met without him. And I'm not the only one. Everywhere in the world are fun clubs dedicated to books about Harry and his friends.

But the main reason why am I grateful for Harry is, that Jo managed to convince so many young (but not only young) people to read again. They found what an amazing story could wait for them on pages of books. I hope that they didn't stop just by reading Harry, but continued to read another stories.

I can see this on my brothers. They weren't readers. They didn't really like it. They prefered TV, computer or being outside. But Harry (for starters) changed them. They are not as passionate about reading as I am, but at least they reading some stories that I recommend them and that's fine for me. As long as they keep reading.

I want to say a big THANKS to Jo for this, I can not imagine what would be the world without Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, even Voldemort and all the other characters.

And I want to thank Beth Ravis for this amazing giveaway. I hope I wrote this correctly, because I am not native english-speaker, but I tried to wrote it the best way I can. I hope you enjoyed it.
Here is picture that belongs to this giveaway, if you want to participate, hurry, there are only few days left.



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  1. mam ti opravit chyby?:P:P
    inak poznam par ludi (napr aj Noro:D) ktory sice precitali HP, ale odvtedy uz nic ine:D

  2. nie nemusíš ja som celkom hrdá že som to takto v zásade na rýchlo skomolila :D a čo že tam sú chyby :D nemám si kde cvičiť angličtinu :P
    tak ale prečítal aspoň niečo :D moji bratia v tom našťastie vydržali :D :D